Women in Circus – Talk by Professor Vanessa Toulmin

On Thursday 31st May, founder of the National Fairground and Circus Archive, Professor Toumlin will visit the Brampton Museum to give a vital talk about the vital role women have had in circus.

In the nineteenth century, women could take roles and wear costumes that would not have been permitted in the music hall or theatre. There were female acrobats, tightrope walkers, equestrian acts, and human cannonballs. There were also female clowns and ringmasters.

Prof. Toumlin will give many examples of talented and powerful women who were often the stars of the circus. The talk will cover the history of women in circus and include examples from the present day.

Spaces are limited, please book by contacting the Brampton Museum on 01782619705.

This talk forms part of the Philip Astley Project, supported by Lottery Players through the Heritage Lottery Fund.